Jessie James Decker Shares a Sweet Tradition She Has With Her Kids

Jessie James Decker and husband Eric Decker are parents to three kids, 5-year-old Vivianne, 3-year-old Eric Jr. and 1-year-old Forrest, and the singer has wasted no time in starting some sweet traditions with her little ones.

Jessie recently teamed up with Hallmark for their Cards Do More campaign, which aims to get people to share more cards as a way to stay connected with loved ones, something the mom of three and her kids already do.

"Ever since they were babies even though they couldn't read — Vivi's starting to be able to read now — but even when they couldn't read I would write them little notes and thank you cards and leave them in their rooms for them when I go on trips or I have something going on and now Vivianne does," Jessie told "She actually makes the cards herself. The whole thing she tries to emulate a Hallmark card and will print, 'I love you, Mommy,' and the whole thing and make all the rainbow colors. It's just so cute."

Jessie helped launch Hallmark's campaign with a party in Los Angeles, and the 30-year-old shared that she was happy to partner with the company to continue building on something she's been doing since she was young.

"They're all about making people feel good and I'm feeling something," she explained. "I'm putting the words in that maybe we can't come up with ourselves."

"I grew up with being told that you send thank you cards and write notes to people and cards are so special," Jessie added. "It's not just the holidays. Congratulating someone on something or you got promoted or someone's had a baby. Just send them stuff to make them feel special and my mom has always been that way ever since I was a little girl so I just feel we're just such a perfect fit."

Jessie won't have to leave cards for her kids when she leaves for her upcoming tour, since her family will be joining her on the road. The tour kicks off on April 12 in Denver, on the singer's 31st birthday.

"I'm so excited," Jessie shared. "I've missed being out on the road and cannot wait to just get out and see everybody. It's been way too long and performing is one of my favorite things to do."

Before she hits the road, Jessie will release her single, "Roots and Wings," which she revealed is one of her favorite songs she's ever recorded.

"I continue to grow every year as a woman and in my life, so 'Roots and Wings' is probably one of my most favorite songs I've put out," she said. "It's just talking about being grounded. You're in between keeping your roots and knowing where you came from but also enjoying the ride and enjoying the dream and letting those dreams come true. I feel like that's just how I am. That's how we're gonna live our lives and I think so many people will be able to relate to this song."


Photo Credit: Instagram / @jessiejamesdecker