Jessica Simpson Under Fire Over Her Son's Haircut

If she's sharing it on Instagram, there's not a whole lot of Jessica Simpson's personal life that goes unnoticed by her eagle-eyed followers. Lately, her fans have been giving her flack for her 4-year-old son's haircut.

First haircut ✔️ (Thanks @jessieholiday for making my stud look all grown up 😢) #ACEKNUTE

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Earlier in September, Simpson shared a beachside photo of her son, Ace, after getting his first-ever haircut.

"First haircut," the 37-year-old mom of two wrote. "Thanks [hair stylist Jessie Holiday] for making my stud look all grown up."

But what was supposed to be a happy mom moment turned into a few negative fans sharing their thoughts on young Ace's shortened locks, likening him to "looking like a girl."

"He looks like a girl," someone wrote.

"Yay!! So much better. You can tell he's a boy now," said another. "Finally! He looks like a boy!"

"Now you can see that cute face...long hair belongs on girls, not boys."

"So much better! Doesn't look like a girl now."

"Almost looks like a boy, almost!"

Simpson didn't seem to be bothered by the haters' comments; last Tuesday, she shared another photo of Ace playing Jenga.

This isn't the only time Simpson's parenting decisions have come under fire. On Sunday, the singer shared a cheeky photo of herself bending over her retired NFL husband Eric Johnson in a steamy birthday tribute.

The 37-year-old mom is seen showing off her booty in a German lacey skirt ensemble and thong, bending down in front of Johnson, who is seen standing with his arms outstretched and holding beer steins.

Simpson's followers were not impressed with the photo and called out her parenting techniques.

"You post odd things to be a public figure and a mom.. guess you wont care when [5-year-old daughter] maxi drew posts pics w her bottom hanging out," one person wrote.

"This is pathetic and lacks any and all class," someone else wrote. "Go down on your husband for his bday if you want.....we don't need public photographic evidence. Good god. What is the world coming to?"

"Isn't anything special and private anymore?" someone wrote, while another alluded to the fact that the singer hasn't released a studio album since 2008. "Let's put the booze down and finish that album eh??"

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jessicasimpson




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