Jessica Simpson Faces Mom-Shaming for New Photos of Daughter Birdie

Jessica Simpson, unfortunately, is facing off against the mom-shamers. Life & Style reported that after Simpson posted photos of her 3-year-old daughter Birdie using a pacifier, some took her to task on social media. However, others in the comments section soon came to her defense. 

The photos in question came in a slideshow that Simpson posted from their recent family boating excursion. One snap featured Simpson, her husband Eric Johnson, and their daughter Birdie, who was seated in her father's lap as they enjoyed their time on a boat. But, Instagram users were quick to notice that the toddler was using a pacifier and soon voiced their concerns. A person asked, "Birdie's a little old for a binkie don't you think?" Another individual commented, "I know right? 1st thing I noticed. That's why her top teeth are arched."

While there were those who were quick to criticize Simpson and Johnson's parenting decision, others defended them in the comments section. A fan wrote, "She is only a toddler. Maybe it was the only thing to calm her in the boat ride! Looks like it was nap time!" Even though there was some negativity in the comments section, it appears as though Simpson and her family had a great time on their getaway, which also saw them celebrating her 42nd birthday. In a separate post, the mom of three shared some photos from their trip to Lake Austin and noted that they kicked off the summer the right way.

"Our family had the best 4th of July week on Lake Austin," Simpson wrote. "We asked the kids where they wanted to go for their summer trip and out of everywhere, they chose Texas to be with their cousins. It was a sentimental and nostalgic blast of a week. Settled into summer feeling good." She also shared a post to mark her birthday celebration. Simpson shared a snap of herself in a chic black dress and wrote that she walked into her 42nd birthday with "a purposeful glowing heart."


"I am very proud of my faith, resilience and strength over the last 4 decades," she wrote. "Everything in my life that has or hasn't happened yet makes turning 42 very exciting because I know what it takes personally to remain inside of DETERMINED PATIENCE. I know myself and I do love her very much. I know my purpose and I must say that ladies and gents I am equipped to waltz within every dream I own confidently. I am humbled and honored to finally be my own best friend."