'Jersey Shore' Star Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Shares 1-Year Update on Son Greyson After Autism Diagnosis

Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley shared an update on her son Greyson's autism on Tuesday, letting fans know how he is coping. Greyson was formally diagnosed with autism one year ago, and now that he is getting the treatment and accommodations he needs, he is already improving quickly.

Farley updated fans on her son's status in a YouTube vlog on Tuesday. The video — just over 13 minutes — reviewed some of the big moments in Greyson's life so far, highlighting how his autism diagnosis helped him get the best care possible. The 33-year-old Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star developed over the course of the videos too, learning how to attend to her son's specific needs.

"Watching Greyson's journey brings me to tears and fills me with so much pride and joy," she captioned the video. "Grey's progress is nothing short of amazing. I'm the proudest mama out there. Special thank you to his teachers and therapists at We Care Autism for their dedication and patience, and thank YOU for your continued love and support."

Early on in the video, Farley and her ex, Roger Mathews, went to a specialist for help. At the time, even the idea that Greyson would have full language acquisition was just a hope. Later on, footage shows her son talking, counting as high as 18, and naming all of his family members. He is also shown pointing to things and identifying them by name, including parts of his own body.

It has not always been smooth sailing, of course. In an episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Farley told her friend and co-star Deena Nicole Cortese about her conflict with Greyson's son, Mathews. She said that Mathews was resistant not only to the therapy, but to the diagnosis in general.

"I took the initiative for getting [Greyson] help," she said at the time. "That was a huge argument between Roger and I. [He said], 'He's fine, he's fine.' [Roger] had a nervous breakdown in the pediatrician's [office]. My heart broke for him because he was like, 'I just want my son to walk down an aisle and have a family of his own.'"

When the treatment finally began, the results came fast. Back in March, Farley gave an interview with Us Weekly, remaking on how quick the turn around had been. She described her her "little Einstein" went from not speaking to forming sentences within a couple of months.


"He has the best therapists," she said. "He's in four or five different therapies, but he is just kicking ass. Every day gets better. Every day he's learning something new... It went from, he didn't know one word or understand a word in September to now, it's March and he's combining two, three-word sentences. [He does] sign language. He knows his colors, his numbers."

Farley documents her parenting life in regular vlogs on YouTube. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.