Jenna Dewan Reveals Baby Bump in Crop Top in New Photo

Jenna Dewan recently revealed her baby bump in a new crop top-sporting photo posted on Instagram. The image was shared by Dewan's boyfriend, Steve Kazee, and features the actress in bed with a short white shirt and some black underwear. In the post caption, Kazee wrote, "This woman. What an indelible mark she has placed on my heart. The day of her birth has been a full one for us so far...dropping off the kiddo at school, baby doc appointment, nursery planning, moving into our new home, picking the kiddo up from school and so many other little life moments. Through it all I love catching eyes with her and knowing that she is the person I will be spending the rest of my life with. I couldn't be more grateful that she was put on this earth and that we found each other through all the noise. I love you Jenna and I hope you have the happiest of birthdays!"

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Many users have since commented on the post, with actress Emmanuelle Chriqui writing, "Ohhhhhhhhh I love you guys SO much! Happiest birthday my beautiful bestie. I love you to the moon and back."

"She is so beautiful... You both are... What nice words from her love! Happy birthday Jenna! Cheers!!" another person commented, while someone else wrote, "Well said! You two are a beautiful couple with a beautiful baby girl."

"Beautiful! Enjoy each other and best wishes in your future together and with your wonderful little family," one last user added.

Dewan also shared the photo on her own page, as well, but used the caption to share about her pregnancy.

"Pregnancy and becoming a mother is the most incredible experience," Dewan wrote. "When I was first pregnant with Evie, I didn't have a ton of friends with kids or who were pregnant at the same time. It was a totally new experience and I really craved connecting with other mamas.

"There is so much that goes on during pregnancy that you want to share with other women," she added. "Peanut is so great because it connects you with other like minded women in your area to build friendships, share advice, and learn from one another. So much healing can take place just by being heard. Join me and sign up to @peanut - you won't regret it!"


Photo Credit: Getty Images