'Game of Thrones' Actress Josephine Gillan Claims Her Baby Has Been 'Kidnapped'

Actress Josephine Gillan is asking for help, claiming that her baby was "kidnapped" by social services in Israel. Gillan moved to the country shortly before her baby was born, and shared video of the alleged "kidnapping" as proof of her story. The Game of Thrones star has set up a GoFundMe campaign as well.

Gillan is known for playing Marei, a prostitute and spy working in Littlefinger's brothel on HBO's Game of Thrones. In real life however, she is a frightened 31-year-old mother asking for help. Gillan posted a video on Twitter, showing her infant daughter Gloria being taken away by social services.

As Gillan explained in her plea on GoFundMe, she moved to Israel in order to ensure her daughter would have the best care possible. About five months after birth, social services determined that Gloria should stay with a family friend while Gillan underwent therapy and treatment for post-natal depression.

"My friend has been amazing and her and her amazing family love and cares for my daughter Gloria with a true love to me and her," she noted.

About three months into this arrangement, however, Gillan said that social services returned to her friend's house with police in the dead of night, taking Gloria away. Gillan's family friend reportedly begged for them to leave her, or at least offer an explanation and a possible time for her return, but they did not.

"They threatened to take my friend to jail if she [didn't] give [up] Gloria! They marched her out with police either side of her and took her away into the night!" she wrote. "What Israeli social services have done is illegal and I'm fighting to get her back!"

Gillan claimed that social services gave her no warning, and have still not explained why Gloria was taken. She believes there is a case to get her daughter back, but it is not cheap. Still, in her position she feels that any mother would do the same.

"I'm not allowed to see her or have contact!" she wrote. "I have no idea where she is!! I was not there at the time and was not aware of what they had done! It's absolutely outrageous! I have not done anything wrong and neither has my friend who was caring from her!"


Gillan hails originally from the United Kingdom, and worked as an adult film star before getting cast on Game of Thrones. According to a report by The Daily Mail, the news media in Israel is reporting that Gillan fled Britain for fear that the welfare authorities there would take her daughter away. They also argue that, contrary to Gillan's claim, it was the fact that Gloria was left with a friend for so long that made Israeli social services intervene.

So far, Gillan has raised £185 of her £5,000 goal.