Emmy Rossum Reveals Daughter Born With COVID-19 Antibodies in Emotional Vaccine Plea

Shameless actress Emmy Rossum recently gave birth to her first child, and she's opening up about being a new mother during a global pandemic. Rossum and her husband, Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, welcomed their daughter on May 24, 2021, after keeping the pregnancy secret for its entire duration. While the lowkey couple has kept many details about their daughter private, Rossum is using her personal experience and platform to urge people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

"When I was pregnant I got vaccinated," Rossum wrote alongside a photo of herself with her daughter, whose face is not shown. "Not only did we have a healthy, beautiful baby girl but we also just learned our daughter now has antibodies. In short, stop being an irresponsible idiot and get the vaccine." There has been a major uptick in coronavirus cases recently due to large numbers of people refusing to get the vaccine, on top of the new variants reaching American shores.

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According to PEOPLE, Rossum and Esmail originally met on the set of Comet, which the latter directed. They became engaged in 2015 after two years of dating. The pair later wed in May 2017 in New York City. Around the time of her wedding, during an interview with Vogue, Rossum shared the romantic way that Esmail proposed to her two years prior. She explained that one of her husband's favorite things to do is read the "Modern Love" section in the New York Times. One day, he urged her to read a copy of the paper aloud to him. While she initially protested, she ended up reading the article from her bathtub.


"I began to read the article, and the story is about a director who falls in love with an actress, and I started to think: Huh, that's strange," she said. "And then I realized that it was our love story." Rossum added, "At first, I freaked out because I thought perhaps he had actually put it in the paper and I hadn't seen it, and everyone knew it but me. And then, I kind of scanned to the end and it said, 'Love, your Sam.'" Esmail subsequently proposed to her with a vintage Chaumet diamond ring.