'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Alum Rachel Bloom Pregnant With Her First Child

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom is expecting her first child! The sitcom alum and her husband, Dan Gregor, will have a baby girl soon, Bloom announced at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday night, according to a report by Entertainment Tonight.

"I'm pregnant!" she reportedly told reporters backstage. "So, that's what's next for me. I might as well do it at an Emmy press conference. I was going to post an Instagram, [but]... I'm three months pregnant."

Bloom made her announcement right after winning the award for best original music and lyrics. She told reporters that she was excited to tell her future daughter that she was there on the night of the auspicious honor.

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WE WON AN EMMY!!!!!!! also btw I’m pregnant

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"I'm three months pregnant and I get to tell my child she was with me when this happened, which is pretty f—ing cool," she said.

Bloom later shared a Boomerang video on Instagram, where she and her fellow winners Adam Schlesigner and Jack Dolgen smiled over their trophies. She captioned the clip: "WE WON AN EMMY!!!!!!! also btw I'm pregnant."

Bloom also told ET how proud she was to be sharing her Emmy with the other songwriters. The trio was awarded for their song "Antidepressants Are So Not a Big Deal."

"This is my first Emmy and I'm so happy! It's really cool," she said. "I'm so happy to be winning with my brothers, it feels better than if I were winning alone."

Bloom and Gregor have been together for years, tying the knot in January of 2015. Gregor works in the industry as well, notably as a producer on How I Met Your Mother. The two already share a dog named Wiley, who features heavily in their Instagram posts, so it seems it was only a matter of time before they added a baby to the mix as well.

The baby news comes just as Bloom is wrapping up four successful seasons on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She previously spoke to ET about the show's legacy, and how she hopes it landed with viewers. She told reporters the biggest message she hopes fans gleaned from the big finale.

"Not to view romantic love as something ethereal and out of one's control," she said. "I think that's the most interesting thing of what we're saying — there are stories where no matter how cynical the story is, there's always like, 'But then there's love!' And it's like, no, that's a lie, that's bulls—. People get into trouble with putting romantic love on a pedestal above everything else."

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Wiley is actively afraid of the Emmy

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"It's rooted in our lizard brain to want to reproduce," she continued. "It's not this heavenly, ethereal thing, even though it feels good and we are social animals and having a partner is great. But the way that it's, 'Well, if you're in love, nothing else matters,' that's really dangerous."

Hopefully, Bloom can pass that message along to her daughter as well. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is streaming in full on Netflix.