Channing Tatum's Daughter Jokes They Will 'Die' During Self-Quarantine Adventure Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Channing Tatum and his daughter, Everly, passed the time amid California's stay-at-home order by going for a hike together. After governor Gavin Newsom issued the order last week in a bid to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, people are still permitted to go outside for exercise, as long as they stay six feet away from those who are not part of their household. Late Friday, Tatum shared videos to his Instagram Story of him and Everly, 6, on a father-daughter hiking adventure.

"In this time of fear we choose [to] stay adventurous and full of love and life," Tatum wrote. "Things are so scary. So for us little challenges anywhere anyhow are tiny milestones to keep our mind and heart present and connected." At one point in the adventure, the two reached a cliff, prompting Everly to quip, "We are going to die. ... If I die just know that I've always loved you." Tatum laughed as he replied, "You ain't going to die. We are definitely not going to die but I've always loved you as well."

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"We're gonna die!" Everly claimed. "No, we're gonna make it to the lake!" Tatum replied.

Later on, Everly told her dad she was looking for "bunny tracks" and the two looked around for a rabbit. Tatum later revealed that they didn't make it as far as they'd hoped. "We didn't make it to the lake! Hehe not enough light. Only enough to get back to the truck," he wrote. "And don't worry, we didn't leave without saying a prayer/fairy spell for the world to be OK and be protected," he continued. "So hopefully it works."


While Tatum and Everly passed the time on their hike, Tatum's ex-wife (and Everly's mother) Jenna Dewan, had her hands full with her newborn son, Callum, who she and fiancé Steve Kazee welcomed on March 6. The two were spotted in Los Angeles with their newborn and their dogs on Friday. A few days later, Dewan shared a selfie that showed her lying in bed. "Biiiiig day over here in quarantine," she captioned the photo. "Took a shower, put on makeup, AND put on real clothes all before noon."

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"That's actually HUGE, you just had a baby," Kelly Ripa replied. "I wore [husband Mark Consuelos'] tee shirt for 10 days."