Cardi B Shows off Growing Baby Bump in 'Rolling Stone' Lingerie Snap

Cardi B shared a look behind the scenes from her Rolling Stone photo shoot on Firday.The 'Bodak [...]

Cardi B shared a look behind the scenes from her Rolling Stone photo shoot on Firday.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper was featured on the cover of the July issue of Rolling Stone, which leaked earlier this month. It showed her prodigious baby bump on full display, as her fiance, Offset, leaned in to plant a kiss just above her navel.

(Photo: Instagram / Cardi B)

Cardi B lamented when the picture was leaked early, but she took it in stride. On Friday, she showed that she still had a few things left to reveal when she posted a shot from behind the scenes of the same shoot.

The picture showed Cardi B perched the edge of a seat in a cluttered dressing room. She wore the same puffy wig and stilletto heels as she did in the cover shot, though she had underwear on this time. The same colorful tattoos cascading down from her ribs to her knee were on display in both shots -- bright green peacock feathers, a smattering of flowers and a few other hard to follow designs.

(Photo: Instagram / Cardi B)

Cardi B has shared a few looks at the photo shoot throughout June to keep the excitement up. On Friday morning, she posted another picture where she was speaking into a camera in a black sheer dress.

(Photo: Instagram @Cardi B)

"I don't know if ya notice but I love vintage looking hairstyles," she wrote. "I was born in a wrong era."

On Wednesday, the feature story on Cardi B and her troubled romance with Offset went up on the Rolling Stone website. She posted another picture from the shoot to drive fans there.

"Thank you so much to [Rolling Stone] and [Ruven Afanador]!!" she wrote. "Go to now to read the full article!"

(Photo: Instagram / Cardi B)

The story focuses on the couple's extravagant life as the current king and queen of the hip hop world, and the strange and unlikely journey that got them there. It recounts Cardi B's childhood in the Bronx, where her parents drove a cab and worked as a cashier respectively.

It also addressed their widely publicized cheating scandal, and Cardi's controversial decision to forgive Offset.

"I ain't no angel," Cardi said in response to the charges that Offset was sleeping with other women.

The portrait of the young couple the article paints seems to display a genuine love. Perhaps most surprisingly, it offered fans a peek at an Offset who was working hard to change for the better based on his fiance's example.

"Guys, fellas! You'll lose your wife trying to stop them from being the best they can," he said. He added that he is trying to follow her lead in engaging earnestly with his fans.

"That's what I need to work on – my charisma in front of people," he said.