Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Open Up About Their Daughter's Delivery

Brie Bella and husband Bryan Danielson welcomed their first child, daughter Birdie Joe, three months ago, and the pair is absolutely loving their new life as parents.

"The best thing [about being a mom] is just the love you feel for your baby," Bella told Entertainment Tonight. "The breastfeeding, that bond, and honestly, this was the first morning where she didn't wake up to us, but when she wakes up, and her little eyes open, and they see you, this smile... and babies have innocent smiles, they don't fake anything. They let you know exactly how they're feeling."

"So it's that genuine smile of like, 'Mommy,' and you're just like, 'Aww,'" she continued. "I don't want it to ever go away."

Despite her bond with baby Birdie, Brie admitted that her delivery was "stressful," as there were cameras in the room.

"There was a lot of times where I was like, 'What am I doing?'" she said.

Bella's twin sister, Nikki Bella, added that watching the cameras caused her a bit of anxiety as well.

"I think it gave me more stress than anything because they would be so lost in their moments," she said. "I'd be looking at the camera girl, like, she's right there in Brie's stuff, and I'm like, 'Hey!' And I knew I couldn't say anything, I said something to you [Brie] one time. And Brie was like, 'Nicole, I let them be here.' And I'm like, 'OK, but you should see the shots they're getting!'"

Danielson noted that he hardly even noticed the cameras, as he was so focused on his wife.


"It's just kind of a primal moment, right?" he said. "She's going through so much pain and we're just trying to comfort her. [Her sister] Nicole was there too, and so, trying to be there for [Brie], you forget that somebody's in the background even filming you."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @thebriebella