Adam Sandler and Daughter Sunny Grab Coffee Together in Rare Public Outing

Adam Sandler and his 11-year-old daughter, Sunny, made a rare public appearance together on Friday [...]

Adam Sandler and his 11-year-old daughter, Sunny, made a rare public appearance together on Friday in Malibu, California. In photos published by Closer Weekly, the duo grabbed coffee and confections at Starbucks together, with Sunny snagging a cake pop for the road. The two wore face masks and maintained their distance as prescribed by public health officials.

Sandler and Sunny had their faces covered by patterned cloth masks on Friday, yet they looked like they could have been smiling underneath. Sunny's was yellow with white stripes, while Sandler's was a smattering of blue, gray and black in a camouflage pattern. Sandler carried one cold drink and one hot, while Sonny had a drink topped with whipped cream. Both were careful with coronavirus precautions, however, not removing their masks even to take a drink.

Sandler shares Sunny and her older sister, 14-year-old Sadie with his wife, Jackie Sandler. The two have been married for 17 years, and Sandler has said that they are really enjoying all the family time afforded to them by their self-quarantine. Back in May, Sandler appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he explained the challenges of working from home while his daughters try to complete their schoolwork at home as well.

"I'm in the middle of their school every day, so I gotta quietly talk to people and I'm typing things while they're doing their work and stuff and not understanding any of it," he said. "But I peek my head in and say hi to the teachers."

Sandler also shared a story about how Sunny had teased him into a dangerous grooming practice. Characteristically blunt and self-deprecating, he explained how he tried to shave his own ears. "I had a hair coming out of my ear apparently and Sunny told me about it, she told me I looked goofy so I went and shaved," Sandler told Kimmel. "I took the razor I usually shave with and went like this, then I came downstairs and said, 'How's that Sunny?' and she said, 'You're bleeding.'"

Sunny was apparently alarmed by the cut, telling Sandler it looked like he had a "big gut" on his ear. Before long, Sandler was trying to keep her calm while simultaneously staunching the bleeding on his ear with paper towels. "There's a little blood, but we're calming down sweetie!" he recalled shouting.

Still, while Sandler is enjoying the quality time with his family, he admitted that the enforced social distancing chafes against his defiant streak at the time. He said that he prefers to pretend he is staying at home by choice, saying: "I don't like being told by this pandemic you can't go anywhere. It's cooler to say no."