Adam Sandler Reveals Bloody Injury After Personal Grooming Mishap

Adam Sandler's attempt to shave off a few extra hairs during quarantine left him in a bloody mess, literally! In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Sandler said his daughter Sunny pointed out the hair inside of his ears and how long they were, so he tried to take care of it, but it didn't go so well. "I had a hair coming out of my ear apparently, and Sunny told me about it and said I look goofy, so I took the razor I usually shave with, and I went like this," as he started to demonstrate how he shaved his ear hair.

"Then I went downstairs, and I said, 'How's this Sunny?' and she said, 'You're bleeding,'" he continued. She described his ear as "bloody" before Sandler said, "She says there's a gut coming off of my ear." The Longest Yard actor then told his daughter to leave the room so he could "talk dirty" to Kimmel. Sandler also dished on a few other things he and his family are doing during the quarantine.

Someone who did have a better experience with a homemade haircut is Chris Pratt. Like Jurassic World received a trimming from his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, and to his surprise, he was pleased with the final product. They posted the hilarious moment on social media with Pratt sharing both before and after photos.

Sandler went on to share more details of how he's choosing to do intermittent fasting while at home, admitting that he eats quite a bit "during those six hours." The 53-year-old said that he and his family had a bit of drama when trying to order Chinese food over the weekend. Sandler, his wife Jackie and their daughter took a long time to order over the phone, causing the woman on the other end to hang up. "She hated us to begin with," he said. "Then we get to the Chinese restaurant, and I show up, and I said to my wife, 'You said you got the masks?'" to which she replied with, "'Oh, I don't have the masks.'"


Jackie came up with an idea on the fly by giving her husband a disinfectant wipe to hold over his face, but he refused to use it out of fear it would knock him out from all the chemicals. From there, the story only got funnier when he and the restaurant worker went back and forth on who was going to approach each other first, which resulted in the worker giving his food to another paying customer to bring outside of the establishment.