'9-1-1' Star Ryan Guzman's 1-Year-Old Son Found Barely Breathing, Rushed to Hospital

Ryan Guzman's 1-year-old son was rushed to the emergency room on Tuesday, he revealed on Instagram. The 9-1-1 actor kept fans updated on his own emergency response situation, when his son Mateo was "barely breathing." Gozman thanked the real-life EMTs for doing "an incredible job."

In a video posted on on Instagram, Guzman explained the horrifying experience of his son's medical emergency. He told his followers that it began when he came home from work, only to find his fiancée Chrysti Ane rushing into their son's room.

"I've been through some scary events in my life, but none scarier than coming home after work and seeing your fiancée rush to your son's room to find out he can barely breathe," Guzman said on Instagram on Tuesday. "He's wheezing and coughing and giving you your worst nightmare."

Guzman thanked the local dispatch, Station 102 for "sending out two incredible EMTs." He said that the professionals were great not just at treating Mateo, but at keeping him and his fiancée "calm during a hectic period."

He then thanked "the people at the E.R. who did an incredible job. I'm so thankful right now to have my little baby boy."

Finally, Guzman thanked his fiancée: "Thank you, Christi, too." While he spoke, Mateo could be heard cooing in the background, so fans knew he was alright.

"On little sleep, but none the less I woke up thankful today," Guzman wrote in the caption. "Yet again another reminder to take advantage of the time we're given. If you'd like, I challenge everyone [to] take a couple minutes out of your day to appreciate one thing today. Whether [it's] something menial that you usually overlook on your day-to-day busy life or [it's] a person in your life that has been under appreciated."


Guzman has been on the rise in Hollywood for the last eight years or so, with roles in movies like Step Up: All In and Jem and the Holograms, and TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and Heroes Reborn. His current role is playing Eddie Diaz on Fox's 9-1-1.

Guzman's fiancée is an actress as well, hailing from Brazil. They had Mateo in January of 2019. He celebrated his first birthday two weeks before this terrifying incident.