Kylie Jenner Fans Predicted Stormi’s Name Weeks Before Birth

After Kylie Jenner announced her daughter’s name on Tuesday, some fans noted the eerie accuracy with which a Twitter user guessed what it would be way back in December.

Jenner declared her first born's name in an Instagram post, captioned “stormi,” with a baby angel emoji. On Dec. 31, a fan named Breanne Durbin guessed the name on Twitter.

“I’m predicting it now,” she wrote. “[Kylie Jenner] and [Travis Scott] baby’s name will be Stormy.”

The next day, another fan named Sadie replied “It’s Stormie

It’s unclear whether these two had some insider knowledge or were just taking a shot in the dark, but fans are perturbed by their accuracy. Replies are flooding in lauding them for clairvoyance, telepathy and just plain old superior Kardashian senses.

“I thought of it during a storm,” Durbin wrote to one commenter who asked how she’d known. She also retweeted her prediction shortly after Jenner’s announcement, adding “YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.”

As entertainment news outlets picked up the story, Durbin dubiously revelled in her newfound fame. She retweeted an article about her prediction, tagging Jenner in the post. Sadie did the same, adding “I’ll be available to sign any autographs.”

The Internet fame may persist for these two prophets, as baffled followers continue rolling in to ask how they knew. “OMG!! Can you give me the lottery numbers?” one person asked. If it was more than a wild guess, Durbin and Sadie are staying tight-lipped about it.

Jenner announced her childbirth on Sunday, just a few hours before the Super Bowl. The story somehow managed to dominate headlines even on one of the busiest news days of the year. All at once, she officially announced her pregnancy and her successful birth on Thursday, Feb. 1.

stormi webster 👼🏽

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She also released a documentary-style video tracing the biggest moments of her pregnancy and her nine months hiding from the spotlight.

However, she continued teasing fans about her daughter’s name for an additional two days. Sources say she had “Stormi” picked out well in advance, as one of her sisters bought he a blanket with the name embroidered on it back in January, according to TMZ.

Even that was after Durbin’s tweet, which means there’s a chance that Jenner liked Durbin’s suggestion and simply took it. If that’s the case, we’ll likely never know.