Khloe Kardashian Reveals Stage of Pregnancy to Which She's Most Looking Forward

Khloé Kardashian is looking forward to another wonderful stage of her pregnancy.

The expectant 33-year-old shared on her app and website Monday that she is looking forward to the "nesting" stage of pregnancy.

“I heard later in your third trimester you go through a stage called ‘nesting’ where you just want to clean and organize everything,” she wrote Monday, adding, “My sisters said I would love that, LOL.”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians cast member has showcased her love of order, which she calls "Khlo-C-D" time and time again on the E! reality show. So it makes sense that she's looking forward to getting everything ready for her baby!

“I am actually looking forward to it,” Kardashian continued. “I just want everything organized and planned and as perfect as possible before the baby comes.”

The Good American designer announced in December that she was pregnant with her and NBA player boyfriend Tristan Thompson's first child together, and is just one day away from being officially seven months pregnant.

Her baby is growing more active every day, she revealed on Twitter Saturday.

"I have felt them before but now it's way more frequent and stronger," she replied to a fan asking if it was the first time she's felt her baby kick.

She's also not holding back when it comes to treating herself.

“Of course I have cravings and I give in to them!” Kardashian wrote on her site last week. "But, as always, I do everything in moderation. In general, I’m not someone who wants to eat an entire box of cookies. I just don’t eat like that. But, if I’m craving something, I make sure I give it to myself."

But as she gets further into her pregnancy, dealing with her fame has become a little more difficult. Sunday, she called out the paparazzi for ambushing her at the airport, which she revealed is when she feels at her worst.

"Really wish paparazzi would understand how hard flying is on my body right now," she wrote. "It's the only time I feel incredibly exhausted, swollen and nauseous. Screaming rude things and taking my picture when I already feel like crap I can really do without. At least be [quiet] if you must."

She then added that she doesn't mind paparazzi, "if people are respectful. They try to get the worst shots on purpose. I think the airport gets a little too hectic and scary for me TBH."

Photo credit: Instagram/@khloekardashian