What Joanna Gaines Really Thinks of Chip's Long Hair

Fans of Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines have noticed that Chip has grown out his hair in recent years, and Joanna just shared her opinion on his look in a new interview with Access Hollywood, as well as that of the couple's daughters, Ella Rose, 14, and Emmie Kay, 11. "My girls really do like his hair and his hair is now longer than Ella's," Joanna said.

She added, "It's this wild free, adventurous side which is huge, so I think matches his personality." Chip inserted, "I've never had long hair, so for me, I've had all these odd bucket lists that I want to say before I die and long hair was one of them."

Along with Ella Rose and Emmie Kay, Joanna and Chip share sons Drake, 17, Duke 13, and Crew, 3. The couple has been married for 18 years and told Access that divorce is "not really an option" for them.

"Our superpower is that, Jo and I are not quitters," Chip said. "Throwing in the towel is not something that honestly ever even comes to mind and I would say that it happened pretty early on in our relationship. We just thought that it's interesting that divorce and leaving one another is not really an option for us."

"So somehow that little foundation have served us well," he continued. "Things have definitely been challenging, we're not perfect, we have issues and trials and errors like anybody, but when you say, 'Throwing in the towel' in fairness I would admit if we considered that along that way but relationally we're in it forever, this will never be a gossip mag that we don't make it."


Joanna and Chip rocketed to fame with the premiere of Fixer Upper on HGTV in 2013, and they're now launching their own network, Magnolia Network, on Discovery+. "I will say that we are just freaking out," Chip said. "We're nervous and worried."

Joanna explained, "We've been working so hard for the last two years on just developing and creating all of these shows, you know our heads down and working, doing the work to launch a network and now that it's here, it's so hard for us to actually go, 'Wait, we actually have a network.' All risk has a little bit of fright in there." Magnolia Network launches on Discovery+ on July 15.