Wendy Williams Responds to Report She's 'Begging' Husband Kevin Hunter to Return as Her Business Manager

Wendy Williams is setting the record straight about her working relationship with estranged husband Kevin Hunter following her April divorce filing. After rumors surfaced earlier this week that she was "begging" Hunter to return as her business manager amid alleged trouble for The Wendy Williams Show, the daytime talk show host spoke out.

"The only business, and I repeat, the only business that me and Mr. Hunter are involved with is getting a divorce finalized," Williams told Fox 5 NY during a recent interview, adding that The Wendy Williams Show is "even better now probably because I've loosened up. The moral has always been good because I've taken the reigns."

Williams' statements came just hours after rumors surfaced that she was not only considering re-hiring her ex as her business manager, but was "begging" Hunter to return. Speaking to Radar Online, a source alleged that Williams was desperate for Hunter to return as her business manager to "save" her daytime talk show from cancellation.

"She's begging her husband to come back to save her show," the source claimed. "Wendy is reading all the reports about her show ending after next season. She's hearing her staff is looking for new jobs. She sees Kevin as the solution."

"She has never made a big successful business decision without him and now feels everything falling apart," the source added. "She will do anything to save her show, even getting back with him."

Earlier that day, a source told the Daily Mail that Williams had "come around to the idea that it makes more sense for Kevin to stick around" in their professional ventures and that after an emotional heart-to-heart, they were in talks to have him return as her manager. The re-hiring, the source claimed, was part of a "carefully negotiated divorce deal" that would see The Hunter Foundation, WW Talk Productions, and Hunter Publishing Group not being dissolved.

The news came amid surmounting speculation that the fate of The Wendy Williams Show is in jeopardy. Set to return for its 11th season in September, several reports have surfaced that the new set of episodes will be the show's last, with many of the talk show's employees already looking for work elsewhere.


Addressing the rumors, a spokesperson for the show stated that "Wendy and her staff are closer than ever" and that "everyone is excited to come back for the 11th season," though they failed to comment on a possible cancellation.