Watch: Nicole Kidman Gets Emotional With Husband Keith Urban at Cannes

Country singer, Keith Urban and his glamorous movie star wife, Nicole Kidman might just be one of the cutest couples ever — and oh my gosh, we're gushing at the mere thought of the two of them right now.

While walking the red carpet at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, Kidman and Urban had an adorable power couple moment.

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The Oscar-winning actress not only showed off her beautiful designer ballerina-inspired dress, but she and her husband of nearly 11 years shared a bit of their affection towards each other in front of the cameras.

The Hollywood Reporter captured the tender moment as Urban stops to whisper in his wife's ear, putting Kidman in an emotional state that prompts her to hug him for what seems like an eternity before she wipes tears from her eyes. As the camera's flash and snap photos of her, it's evidently seen that Kidman's eyes were quite watery.

While we have no clue what he said to her, we can guarantee the genius singer and songwriter had something most poetically sweet to share with his Kidman.

Photo credit: Twitter / @kidmanupdates



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