Video: How Well Do Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Really Know Each Other?

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are a fan-favorite celebrity couple, and a video about their romance has resurfaced and gone viral. The two have been together since 2007 and married since 2013, but there were still some mysteries between them when they played a modified version of "the newlywed game" on The Rachael Ray Show. The two may not know each other as well as they think – or they may simply not be perfectly in sync.

Ray asked Bell and Shepard questions about each other and they both wrote down their answers separately to see how close they would match – a fresh take on one of the most iconic games in talk show history. Shepard was a bit more successful at answering questions about Bell – or perhaps Bell was simply more successful at guessing what her husband would write about her. In the trending video they were both asked what Bell's "biggest quirk" is, and they both got the same answer. They were not so lucky when it came to Shepard's "biggest quirk."

The video shows Shepard and Bell struggling to agree on the terms of the game and teasing each other over the rules. Before the first question was even asked, it was clear that they are an affectionate married couple. Finally, they both showed their responses to the question about Shepard's biggest quirk. Shepard wrote "repulsive throat noises," predicting that his wife would want to critique his throat-clearing and coughing. Instead, she had a two-pronged answer.

Bell wrote: "cuts his own hair when he's stressed OR needs multiples of everything to feel safe." She appended a small heart to this message to make it clear that she still loves Shepard in spite of these quirks. She explained that her husband's hair is sometimes uneven in patches when he's going through a rough time, and that their house is over-stocked with supplies like tissues and toothpaste for his comfort.

"Stop by, we're good until 2060," Shepard quipped. The game took a different turn when it came to Bell's "biggest quirk." Amazingly, both wrote down her habit of repeating dialogue from movies, TV shows, and even real life. Bell called it "a tick," saying if something sounded different or interesting she had the compulsion to repeat it. Finally, the clip ended with the couple agreeing that Shepard is a better driver than Bell.

Shepard and Bell have been together since 2007 and have become a fan-favorite celebrity couple on social media. The two actors have not only appeared together in movies and on TV shows, but they are also active on Instagram together and often talk together on podcasts. This gives fans a sense of closeness with them that's hard to match, and their down-to-earth takes on parenting and domestic life make them easy to relate to. Shepard's podcast Armchair Expert is available exclusively on Spotify.