TV Host Divorces Husband Following 2 Years of Marriage

Charissa Thompson recently spoke out about her choice to end her two-year marriage. The sportscaster filed official documents in May, bringing a close to the coupling. The details come from The Blast, revealing that the Fox NFL Kickoff host is walking away from sports agent Kyle Thousand, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for ending the marriage. The pair wed at the height of the pandemic in Dec. 2020. According to Thompson's divorce documents, they separated just one year later in 2021. The date of separation can be important due to division of finances and assets when the time is right.

"As one's love story begins, another one ends," she said during a new episode of her podcast Calm Down with Erin Andrews in regards to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's engagement. "Full disclosure I love you and I'm proud of you," Andrews told her co-host. "I had a s—y week," Thompson continued. "The news of my pending divorce came out and it's obviously not something that I wanted at all as somebody who grew up in a family — my parents were married since they're 18. I trust in the institution and I'm somebody that's been married and divorced before, so when I got married the second time I was so hopeful that it would be what you stand up there and say it will be, which is, forever, for better or for worse, and all the things."

Thompson wants the court to terminate its ability to order spousal support for both parties. Whether or not there is a prenuptial agreement in place is not known. But, Thompson also wants both paties to pay for their own attorney's fees for the divorce. In other words, she doesn't want any exchange of money from either side for anything related to the split. Thompson wants a clean break. 

The former couple's wedding almost didn't happen. Due to California's COVID-19 restraints, they moved their wedding location to Arizona. Thompson appeared on Extra to discuss the intimate details of their wedding and noted that while she was bummed they couldn't invite all of their family and friends, they decided to wed anyway. 


"The day was perfect. Sadly we couldn't invite all our friends and family due to covid, but we didn't want to wait any longer to start our lives together. So a huge thank you to those that (were there) and made this day so special & (those that weren't there) who still made us feel so loved," she said at the time on social media. "To my family, I missed my siblings so much but am so grateful my parents were there to see me start the next chapter of my life with a man I met sitting next to on a plane! Life is an adventure and you never know where it'll take you but I'm so glad I get to do this ride with you."