Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Bank Accounts to Reportedly Be Seized After Lawsuit Judgment

The Los Angeles Superior Court could soon seize Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's bank accounts after the couple filed to pay their court judgement.

Spelling and McDermott were ordered to pay over $200,000 after losing a lawsuit against City National Bank in 2017. They have now failed to pay for over 669 days, and according to a report by Radar Online, the court could begin garnishing their wages.

A Los Angeles Superior Court clerk reportedly signed off on a writ of execution on March 28, allowing the Sheriff's office to take steps towards garnishing Spelling and McDermott's wages.

The court's judgement awarded City National Bank $202,066 in May of 2017 after they lost a lawsuit against the institution. They have reportedly racked up even more interest in the time since the judgement was passed. Spelling now owes another $40,280 while McDermott owes $37,029.

This is just a small portion of the financial hardship Spelling and McDermott have been facing in the last few years. The reality stars have dealt with mounting debt and lawsuits over the last few years, with increasingly few options to make payments.

In February, Spelling and McDermott were served with papers ordering them to pay a total $219,796.66 to City National Bank — still well under the original $400,000 Spelling reportedly failed to pay. Meanwhile, Spelling was also ordered to pay $88,000 to American Express in January.

In spite of their issues, Spelling and McDermott have carried on with life as usual. Last month, they were spotted out house hunting, fueling rumors that will be forced to give up their family's rental mansion.

Spelling and McDermott took their children out in Calabasas, California looking at pricey homes in the star-studded neighborhood. It was unclear who the new house might be for, as Spelling and McDermott have been plagued with marriage problems as well. Spelling threw McDermott out of the family home over the holidays.

Spelling and McDermott share five children altogether. Only Hattie and baby Beau accompanied them on their house hunt. The family has weathered countless controversies in their years on reality TV.

However, this month Spelling condemned the reports that her marriage is in trouble.


"It sucks. This doesn't exist ... and it's like, they have no idea," she told Us Weekly. "We don't have relationship problems."

McDermott agreed, saying that the rumors were "awful" and adding: "It's just a free for all... Celebrities have feelings."