'Teen Mom 2' Fans Have Thoughts After Jenelle Evans Reportedly Leaves David Eason Without Money

Jenelle Evans reportedly left her ex-husband David Eason "with no money" in their recent separation, and few fans are sympathetic. Evans announced that she was leaving Eason last month, though fans have been hoping she would do so for months. Now, Teen Mom 2 viewers are sounding off on Eason's reported poverty.

Evans has been through a lot in her marriage to Eason, from repeated allegations of domestic abuse to the mysterious disappearance of her dog. Evans was even fired from Teen Mom 2 during the relationship, cutting off a major source of reality TV income.

On Friday, Radar Online reported that Evans is poised to make off with most of their wealth in the divorce. A source close to the couple said that Eason is "furious" about being left destitute and that he still denies all of the allegations against him.

"David has been complaining that Jenelle left him with no money," they said. "He claims he never abused her."

The report also noted that Eason was selling handmade products online, suggesting that this was his main focus for income. Eason has been experimenting with metalworking for a while now, crafting knives. He is now reportedly branching into furniture as well.

Fans seemed to feel that Evans was right to leave Eason with his online business and little else. On Facebook, commenters said that Evans had earned her reality TV fortune on her own — even viewers who were not big fans of Evans personally.

"Don't care for her but that's her money. Be a man and get off your sorry ass and work," one user advised. "Quit relying on a woman to financially provide for you."

"It's her money not his and he basically damaged her life he should be paying her for all the shit he put her through," added another.

Many fans agreed that not only had Eason not contributed to Evans' wealth, but had tangibly hurt it as well. He was banned from filming on Teen Mom 2 after making transphobic comments online and continued to tarnish her image with his social media behavior.

Fans wondered why Eason did not simply go out and get a more conventional job to make money, rather than relying on his crafts. They had little sympathy for him in this regard.


However, fans were not necessarily on Evans' "side" in this debate either. Many thought she should have left Eason months, if not years ago, and hoped that she would not get back on TV any time soon.

Evans and Eason are due back in court on Monday to hash out their divorce. Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.