Taco Bell Once Hosted an Insane Photoshoot With Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were once reality show gold. The former Hills stars were everywhere at the beginning of the reality phenomenon, and they found every way to capitalize off of their fame. Despite the tabloid fodder and being viewed as a couple who would do anything for press, they did use their platform for good. In 2008, the couple teamed up with Taco Bell in an effort to raise awareness of global hunger. The specific campaign was called "The Reality Check Challenge" due to reality stars' involvement. The collaboration was in conjunction with World Hunger Relief Movement and was part of a larger global hunger-relief campaign by the fast-food chain's parent company to raise funds for The World Food Program.

For the occasion, the former MTV staples served food at an L.A. based chain, took pictures with and signed autographs for fans, and invited customers to join in and help fight world hunger by donating at any participating Taco Bell locations. Taco Bell donated $10,000 to the World Food Program in the couple's name.

"The reality is that hunger is a staggering problem and is responsible for more deaths each year than war, malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined, " Greg Creed, president, Taco Bell Corp, said at the time, as reported by QSR Magazine. "Even though this is an epidemic of global proportions, people can do something about it. I encourage everyone to get involved in the 'Reality Check Challenge' and donate to this year's World Hunger Relief Movement. A dollar donation will help feed four people stricken by hunger. You can make that difference."

Additionally, the couple also worked with LA's Union Rescue Mission to serve food to the hungry and homeless in the infamous Skid Row section of downtown LA. While there, they spent time helping feed hundreds of people impacted by hunger. Taco Bell donated $15,000 to the mission in the couple's name.

The couple met while filming The Hills, a reality show about young adults living in LA. Montag told VICE in 2016 that she knew at first sight that Pratt was the one. "I pretty much told everyone I was going to marry him and that I loved him. [Everyone] thought I was crazy," she said.

The couple eloped in 2008 in Mexico, and had another wedding in the U.S. the following year. She filed for legal separation from Pratt in 2010, divorce the same year with Pratt alleging their marriage was fake, Pratt threatened to sell a sex tape of his estranged wife, and within the same year they called off the divorce. They later renewed their vows and said they faked the divorce proceedings for press because they were "broke."