Snoop Dogg's Daughter Recently Got Engaged

Snoop Dogg is excited for his only daughter's upcoming wedding. to become a father-in-law. West Coast rapper's daughter Cori Broadus' announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Wayne Deuce in November 2022. Snoop immediately gave his blessing when Deuce asked for Cori's hand in marriage. News began circulating that the longtime couple was engaged, but it wasn't confirmed until Saturday, Nov. 26 when Cori confirmed it by sharing an emotional video from the big moment on her Instagram page. In the footage, Broadus and her boyfriend, donning matching pink sweatsuits, walk into a lit-up room with a bright sign reading, "Will you marry me, Cori?" The camera pans to show her reaction. She makes her way to Duece and gave him a yes, with them embracing in a big hug. "The easiest YES ever," she wrote in the caption of her upload. "I love you so much and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

Just weeks later, the soon-to-be married couple celebrated with an engagement shoot. In one post, Cori and Deuce posed with their two dogs, with Broadus captioning the post: "My family for lifeee." In another post of her wearing a short white dress resembling lingerie with lace and a veil, she captioned it: "Bride Mode: Loading." She followed it up with more shots of her with Deuce wearing the same dress, and him wearing a pleather suit, boots, and a white t-shirt, captioning it: "Mr. and Mrs. coming soon."

Deuce and Broadus began dating in 2018. Their relationship has been met with much criticism, with many feeling he's only with her because of her father being a megastar. Both shot back at the speculation. "Y'all love saying a n— must like me cuz my daddy Snoop Dogg," she said at the time on social media. "Like why can't he just love me for me… I'm my own person. I'm more [than] that and I hate that I feel like I gotta go on here and do all this, but I been dealing with this s— since high school."

With his proposal, he made it clear he's here for the long run. And per Snoop's comment on the engagement video, he approves of the union.

"Congrats [Cori] Baby girl [you] have been blessed. [Wayne] love [you] son-in-law. God is good," he captioned the a res-share of the post to his own Instagram page.

Snoop is also the father of two sons, Cordell and Corde. Cori is the youngest.