'Queen's Court': Evelyn Lozada and Tamar Braxton's Engagements

After appearing on the Peacock dating series Queen's Court, Tamar Braxton and Evelyn Lozada found love. Hosted by longtime married couple Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, Rodney Peete, the ladies search for love is documented in ten 60-minute episodes. Singer Nivea also is featured on the show in search of a partner. On March 16, the same day as the show's debut, Lozada revealed her engagement. She turned 47 in December 2022. Part of her birthday surprise was a proposal from Lavon Lewis, whom she met on the show.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Lewis told the outlet of the big day: "The thing about Evelyn is, it is very hard to surprise her," he said. "I told her to pack her bags, we're going somewhere. She was blindfolded until she got to the front door. She walked in to about 20 close friends and family and the big 'marry me' letters, roses on the ground, things like that."

Just hours after Lozada's announcement, social media blogs revealed that Braxton was proposed to in the season finale to JR Robinson. Six months after the proposal, the update via the show reveals the couple remain together and are planning a wedding. But fans are perplexed as just months ago, Braxton announced that she was single and deleted all traces and hints of her relationship with JR from her social media.

While speaking at the Ultimate Women's Expo in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2022, she told the audience: "I'm involved with myself because these dudes out here is for everybody. I had to really pick that up, especially moving back to Atlanta; I didn't know these guys were so communal. Somebody could have told me that," she said, per Atlanta Blackstar

The split was reportedly due to JR's involvement with other women without her knowledge. "I think it's because us as women we have learned to accept things we should not accept, and we are not comfortable with being by ourselves," she added. "I think once we accept ourselves in our own skin, the right person is going to show themselves to us because I'm not interested in sharing your man with me. That's never going to work."