'Little People, Big World's' Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Share Beautiful Maternity Video

Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey are a few months away from meeting their little girl, but in the meantime the couple is embracing their pregnancy glory.

The Little People, Big World stars, who announced they were expecting their first child in February, took their maternity photos to an all-new level.

Roloff posted a beautiful video of himself with Audrey walking in the fields. He was wearing a short sleeve blue button up shirt with dark jeans, while the soon-to-be mom looked stunning in a flowy white dress and wore a floral headpiece.

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The TLC star wrote alongside the footage, "Fields, farms, trucks, and girls (2 of them) - can't beat it! It's been amazing watching how lovely my wife has been through this process. Love has a beautiful way of multiplying when you pursue it. 30 weeks pregnant, baby girl is coming quick!"

At one point in the video, there was a close-up of Audrey and excitement beamed from her face.

She posted the same video on her Instagram page and told a beautiful story about their love life. "Before Jer and I started dating, we spent the perfect summer day picking warm berries and walking alongside the tracks through the daisy fields," she wrote. "It was the day that Jeremy began calling me "Daisy Braids" and the day that our love multiplied. Every year, when the wild daisy fields bloom, it reminds me of the summer we fell in love. And every year, I am more in love with this man that God has given me. Today, our love continues to multiply in more ways than one."

If this video has any indication what this family's life will be like when their daughter arrives, it will be magical.


Photo Credit: Instagram / @jeremyroloff


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