Kylie Jenner Seen Visibly Uncomfortable as Tyga Song Plays During Birthday Party

Kylie Jenner was clearly uncomfortable when a song by her ex-boyfriend, Tyga came on at a friend's birthday party this weekend. A video from Diddy's twin daughters' party showed Jenner cringing a little as her ex-boyfriend's song "Ayy Macarena" played over the speakers, but she tried to take it in stride. In spite of the awkwardness, Jenner did not flee the scene.

In the clip — published by Hollywood Life — Jenner was taking pictures with other party guests near the DJ table when Tyga's song came on behind her. There was a break in the music where the MCs led guests through a chorus of "Happy Birthday," followed immediately by "Ayy Macarena."

It looked like Jenner inhaled sharply in surprise to the song, glancing over at the person she was posing for a photo with. After catching herself, however, she pulled off a couple of half-hearted dance moves, sharing a private laugh with the person next to her. She then got back to taking photos with other guests.

It was unclear if the DJs had put the song on on purpose, but a few people did glance at Jenner, perhaps remembering her association with Tyga in the past. The two dated from 2014 to 2017, and their relationship was the source of a lot of controversy due to their age difference. Fans speculated that they may have begun dating while Jenner was still underage, but this was never proven or raised as a serious concern by Jenner.

Jenner even starred in one of Tyga's music videos for the song "Dope'd Up" in 2015, at the height of their romance. They split up quietly in 2017, and Jenner later revealed on her reality TV spinoff, Life of Kylie that there was no real drama to report about the breakup.

"There was no crazy fight, we just decided... Well, I decided that I'm really young. I don't want to look back in five years from now and feel like he took something from me when he's really not that type of person," she said.

Jenner went on to date rapper Travis Scott from 2017 until this past September, when they called it quits. They are still co-parenting their daughter, Stormi Webster.


Jenner was one of the biggest celebrity guests at the birthday party this weekend, which was for Diddy's 13-year-old twin daughters, D'Lila Star and Jesse James. The two also invited rapper French Montana, who was spotted chatting with Jenner at one point during the festivities.

The same night, Jenner attended a charity event to support Justin Bieber, along with her mother, Kris Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble. Once there, she reportedly spent a good deal of time chatting with Jaden Smith, who is an old family friend.