Kim Kardashian Reveals for How Long She Didn't Speak to Kanye West After Divorce

Kim Kardashian did not talk to her ex-husband Ye for about 8 months after they decided to get divorced, she claims. Kardashian gave a new tell-all interview on the Not Skinny But Not Fat Podcast on Tuesday, where she opened up about her separation from the rapper formerly known as Kanye West. She said that when they filed for divorce in February of 2021, they also took some time off from communicating.

"We went off and on. You know, we went about eight months without even speaking to each other at the beginning of the divorce. And then we started talking again, and I went to the Donda premiere," Kardashian revealed. "I mean, he would still see the kids and stuff. Him and I just took a minute of not talking. And I think in relationships, it'll be like that. I hope we, you know, are the co-parenting goals at the end of the day."

"I look back and my mom and dad went through their hard time and it took people a minute to readjust," the reality star continued. "And I've seen it all before, I think we just have a different kind of platform now. But you know, it doesn't mean that maybe because he expressed himself in a certain way that he's not an amazing person and amazing friend. I do believe that we'll have that again. I'm always really hopeful."

Although their divorce has been divisive and at times scandalous, Kardashian said that she and Ye still "have so much love for each other... We really do. We're always family, we're always going to have so much love and we love our kids. We both love the time we spent together. You know, I think that we'll always have that and always cherish that. Sometimes it just doesn't work out for whatever reasons, but no matter what, I always just think of like the positive times."

Kardashian even seemed to defend Ye's public outbursts on social media and in concerts over the last few months. This was surprising since she herself has responded to some of these posts and asked Ye to stop airing their business in public. She said: "If you were in a situation and you were hurting and that was your way of expressing yourself, like I don't judge. We're always going to be cool and family, even if it doesn't look that way. Like, it'll always end up that way. So everything will always be okay."


As for their current situation, Kardashian said that she and Ye are on good terms right now. She also admitted that they are not communicating directly very much at the moment, saying: "When things are calm, we don't really communicate." Kardashian and Ye's divorce is not finalized, but Kardashian has been declared legally single.