Kevin Costner's Wife Reportedly Playing Part in 'Yellowstone' Ending Drama

The future of Yellowstone on Paramount Network was thrown into chaos Monday afternoon after reports that the network is ending the series. Deadline broke the initial news, with sources alleging Kevin Costner's desire to have a shorter work schedule had hit a red line with production.

Is this the end of the current version of Yellowstone? If so, it comes at the height of the show's power and on the heels of Costner's Golden Globes win for his portrayal of John Dutton. Amid speculation about what comes next and why Costner would walk away from the show, Radar Online references a source that alleges the actor's family is playing a big part.

According to Radar, Costner's desire for a shorter schedule on the set of Yellowstone may be due to pressure from his wife. The outlet says Christine Baumgartner has been pushing for Costner to spend more time at home, which isn't unreasonable for a spouse if there's truth to the reports.

"It's really knocked a hole in their family life," a source alleges to Radar. "The show is such a mega-hit, producers want it to go on forever! However, Christine wants her husband to hang up his cowboy hat, with an insider saying her patience is starting to fray...She wants a firm commitment this is his last season – or he might have to hit the dusty trail!"

The alleged insider's claims leave plenty to be skeptical over, especially with the tabloid phrasing. They go on to add that Costner's situation is starting to affect the rest of the cast and crew. "It's no secret that Kevin's been getting itchy feet, but he's not saying either way if he's in or out. It's driving cast and crew alike crazy!"

Deadline reports that the plan without Costner is to bring Yellowstone to an end, with a new series sprouting without Costner and with many Yellowstone cast members making the jump. Matthew McConaughey is reportedly in talks to star in the new series, which would also provide a path for Paramount to host the series and its spinoffs all on Paramount+. Yellowstone currently streams on Peacock stemming from a deal signed before Paramount+'s launch.

Despite the news about the main Yellowstone series, there is no shortage of the Dutton clan or Taylor Sheridan for fans to watch. Will the proposed replacement series remain a success without Costner?