Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Make Half Million Dollar Donation to Wildfire Relief

Kanye West is contributing to those in need out in California, having reportedly donated half a million dollars to wildfire relief programs.

West's wife, Kim Kardashian went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, discussing the fearsome fires and the sacrifices of those who have battled them. She explained that she and West decided to do something to help, and her husband came through with all his connections.

West reportedly drummed up $500,000 from Adidas as well as his own Yeezy brand to spread amongst relief efforts. He and Kardashian wanted to help the first responders as much as possible, so they presented a $200,000 check to the California Fire Foundation. They gave another $200,000 to the California Community Foundation's Wildlife Relief Fund, and they saved the last for a firefighter in person.

Kardshian handed the last $100,000 to a firefighter, Michael Williams, and his wife, Lisa on the air. The couple lost their home, yet Williams continued to fight back the fires, protecting the homes of his neighbors as his own residence burned.

It was a tearful scene as West gave the Wiliams family their much needed aid. In a sincere tone, DeGeneres interviewed Williams, showering him with compliments all the while.

"I was in the garage with four dogs," Lisa recalled. "Michael came in and he says 'Honey, the house is on fire--'"

"'Can you make me a sandwich?'" Ellen cut in, to laughter.

Williams said that Lisa is an "honorary firefighter," and they both admitted that there was a point where they did not believe they would survive. After sharing their terrifying story, DeGeneres directed their attention back to Kardashian, who handed them a massive check with the Yeezy and Adidas logos across the top.

West and Kardashian made headlines earlier this month when they hired a private fire fighting service to protect their house from the blazes. Their efforts saved all of West and Kardashian's neighbors as well, but it was still puzzling to learn that private firefighters even exist. Their donations this week put a more altruistic spin on their wildfire response.


Rain is on the way to some of the fire-ravaged parts of California, according to a report by CNN, but unfortunately that does not mean an end to the danger. While experts are hopeful that the downpours will put out the fires for good, it is likely to cause mudslides, flash floods and dangerous shifting of debris all across the dried out landscape.

The death toll stands at 84 due to these fires, and the list of missing people still includes 1,000 people.