Joanna Gaines Honors Husband Chip on His Birthday in Sweet Message

Joanna Gaines posted a touching birthday message to her husband, Chip Gaines, on Saturday. Chip turned 46 years old this weekend, and Joanna praised him as a husband, a father and a partner in life. Fans swooned for the sweet post.

Joanna's post featured two photos of Chip, both from days apparently spent leisurely out in nature. In one, she had her arm around his shoulders in the branches of a tall tree, and in the second, he stood on top of a mountain looking out through a spyglass at the horizon. Joanna wrote: "You teach us to keep our eyes open & remind us that many things remain hidden if we aren't looking for them. You teach us to find paths that have yet to be taken, see the good in all people & find simple joys in the here & now. You make life extra great. Happy bday [Chip Gaines]."

The post got nearly 8,000 likes and plenty of responses as well, including some in quote-tweets. Fans took the chance to wish Chip happy birthday themselves, and sometimes to let the Gaines family know that they share a birthday. Many remarked on the charming photos Joanna picked for this post.

"Ahhhh... we need more Chip Gaines in this world today and Joanna... you are such a lovely, refreshing burst of sunshine each day! You both are very inspiring and inspiration is a good thing. It brings hope and renewal," one fan wrote. Another added: "Happy Birthday Chip!!!!!! Love you guys!!!! Also love, that because of you guys, everyone in America knows how to pronounce Waco!!!! Hope you are having one of those beautiful Fall, Texas, days that I love, and miss, so much."

The Gaines family worked their way into fans' hearts through their HGTV show Fixer Upper, and over the years, they have become an entity of their own. They hosted the show from 2013 to 2018, building up their personal business, Magnolia. Their expansion has led many fans to visit their hometown of Waco, Texas, where the Gaines have some brick-and-mortar businesses, including a coffee shop, a general store and their home renovation business.


The Gaines are now working on their own cable channel called Magnolia Network, a re-branding of the DIY Network. It encompasses the Gaines family's signature work along with other creators along the same lines. The Magnolia Network was supposed to launch this fall, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been pushed back to 2021.