Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Fans Spotted a Heartwarming Detail in Their Instagram Debut

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made their new romance official on Saturday, and fans are freaking out about one adorable detail. Lopez posted a few photos on Instagram to let fans know what was up, the last of which showed her kissing Affleck in the present day. Fans noticed that in the background of one photo was a framed picture from her previous tryst with Affleck.

Twitter user Tina zeroed in on this impeccable detail in Lopez's new post, which shows the singer posing in a bikini and shawl. Behind her is a counter with water and other sundries on it, including a big framed photo. You can just barely see the corner of the picture inside, but it seems almost certain that it's a copy of a black-and-white candid of Lopez and Affleck on a motorcycle together. Affleck is smiling and waving at the camera while Lopez is holding onto him for dear life with her arms and her legs.

Fans were overjoyed by this small detail, showing that Lopez and Affleck are picking back up right where they left off. The two dated from 2002 to 2004 after working on a few movies together. They even got engaged in 2003, though they broke it off before tying the knot.

Over the years, the two went on to other high-profile relationships and even marriages. Affleck was married to Jennifer Garner and shares several children with him, while Lopez was engaged to New York Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez up until this year. An alleged cheating scandal drove JLo and ARod apart, but fans of the long-defunct "Bennifer" are not complaining.

"Jlo is so generous, it's her birthday and she gives US a gift," one fan joked on Twitter. Another added: "It's one thing for J Lo to post this, it's another thing for her to basically invoke the GIGLI poster." A third tweeted: "I'm sorry I Stan J Lo and Ben being back together."

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Lopez and Affleck have not publicly confirmed their romance until now — at least not directly — but they haven't exactly been discrete either. Fans have watched the headlines and tabloid photos since April as Affleck made numerous visits to Lopez's house and the two spent more and more time together. At first, insiders suggested that they were just rekindling their friendship, but fans always hoped it would turn out to be more. Sure enough, reports began to indicate that these visits, vacations and dinners were romantic. Fans all seem to agree that the couple is thriving.