Jana Kramer's Savage Comment About Justin Timberlake, Hand Holding Has Twitter Rumbling

Fans are speaking out after Jana Kramer commented on the drama surrounding Justin Timberlake and his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright. After Timberlake and Wainwright were spotted holding hands in New Orleans, sparking rumors of infidelity, Kramer called the incident "just wrong" during Sunday's episode of her podcast, Whine Down, raising eyebrows among her fans who pointed out the Dancing With the Stars alum's willingness to forgive her husband's own infidelities.

"It's just because again, you're putting yourself in a bad situation of basically like, hey, you're inviting the next step if there's a next step," Kramer told her husband, Mike Caussin, and guest co-host Sara Cusick.

Kramer went on to admit that she has "held hands with people" she wasn't dating in the past," though she said that she has "learned" that such behavior isn't appropriate. Speaking directly to her husband, Kramer went on to warn that she "would slaughter you if your hands were on someone else."

Kramer's comments proved to be controversial among those online, who pointed to past troubles in Kramer's own marriage. Kramer and Caussin separated in 2016 after she learned of Caussin's infidelities, which included him cheating on her with "multiple" women. The couple reunited and renewed their vows in 2017, and in March, Kramer revealed that her husband, a sex addict, had a relapse in 2018.

"Jana had every right to take her man back if she wanted to, but I feel she shouldn't pass too much judgement, considering," one fan wrote in response to Kramer's comments. "It's sad because even if there was nothing more to it, everybody knows. Public is harsh. I know this lol."

"She just sounds dumb," another commented. "Slaughter someone 4 holding hands but forgive multiple and I mean multiple acts of infidelity."

"Let's be honest she's all talk and would continue to take him back like she has 100 other times," a third wrote.

At this time, Kramer has not addressed the backlash to her statements, which did also receive some support from her followers.


Meanwhile, Wainwright, Timberlake, and his wife, Jessica Biel, seem to be playing mum regarding the New Orleans incident. Although a representative for Wainwright initially claimed that "there is no validity to the speculation," all three have not publicly commented.

While Timberlake and Wainwright have since returned to work on the set of Palmer, Biel has been spotted out and about with her wedding ring, though sources claim that it is all an attempt to "save face" amid the drama.