Is Jennifer Lopez Sending a Message About Alex Rodriguez Relationship With This Instagram Post?

Rumors have circulated recently about the relationship status of Jennifer Lopez and Alex [...]

Rumors have circulated recently about the relationship status of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. There have been reports about a potential split, and now the performer has added further intrigue with a recent video on Instagram. She showed herself chilling in a pool while listening to "Popstar" by Drake and DJ Khaled.

The video featured Lopez down in the Dominican Republic and enjoying a mimosa. She continued to dance through the chorus of "Popstar" and into the verse while showing off a mansion in the background. She also panned to highlight the water and the palm trees. Seeing Lopez enjoy her lavish lifestyle was nothing too out of the ordinary, but the lyrics, as well as the man behind the song, sparked some comments.

"B—es callin' my phone like I'm locked up, nonstop. From the plane to the f—ing helicopter, yeah. Cops pullin' up like I'm givin' drugs out, nah, nah. I'm a popstar, not a doctor," the lyrics say. Some people heard the lyrics and expressed the opinion that Lopez was celebrating a "single lifestyle" while others took the song as a sign that "Drake was back" in the picture.

According to TMZ, Drake and Lopez turned heads together in 2017. They cozied up at Nobu restaurant and walked into the establishment arm-in-arm. The photos created rumors about a potential romance, but they were not confirmed at the time.

Lopez's video in the pool followed a public display of affection by her and Rodriguez. The former MLB player headed down to the Dominican Republic and seemingly took her by surprise. He stepped through sliding glass doors before the two of them kissed. The sight of the couple together followed a statement where they announced that all reports of their breakup are "inaccurate" and that they "are working through some things."

Rodriguez, in particular, faced several questions about the relationship after he left a Miami gym. The person recording the video asked if he and Lopez were still together, and he responded with a thumbs up. Rodriguez also said "no" when asked if he was single. There were several other questions about the relationship, but he did not offer answers before climbing into his car and leaving.

There are no concrete answers about the high-profile celebrity couple, so questions will remain. Fans will continue to wonder if the power couple will exchange wedding vows or if they will call it quits in the future. For now, Lopez will continue enjoying the Dominican Republic while working on an upcoming film.