Hailey Bieber Receives Written Warning Letter About Use of Name in Trademark

Hailey Baldwin is being forced to prove she's actually the wife of famous pop star Justin Bieber.

According to The Blast, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office sent the model a letter requesting written consent that proves she is in fact the wife of Justin Bieber, so she can use the last name for her clothing line — which would also give permission for the trademark to be registered.

In an interview with Elle back in Nov. 2018, Baldwin made it clear that the details of when her fashion line would launch and what it would look like was still undetermined — and if she was even going to go down that path at all. However, she did say that she enjoys wearing other designers clothing for the time being.

"I have so many ideas, and I'm really into trends and am pretty in tune with what people my age are wearing and like to wear," she said. "Right now I'm having a great time wearing other peoples' designs. There are so many young talented designers out there, but who knows? Maybe one day in the future."

A month prior to her interview with the news outlet, she filed to register her new last name on Oct. 10, along with the name HRB3.

The USPTO needs Baldwin to explain in a statement that she gives "consent to the use and registration of my name, HAILEY BIEBER, as a trademark and/or service mark with the USPTO."

They also want her to add more details on what type of clothing line she plans on designing and marketing — more specific clothing articles — instead of staying general with the topic.


Baldwin may dress for high fashion in her professional photos, but day-to-day — let's be honest — she shows her love for over-sized clothing articles.