'Good Morning America' Divorce Drama Picks Up

There has been no shortage of drama on Good Morning America lately, but T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach aren't the only ones going through some changes. According to a report by The Sun, meteorologist Rob Marciano is finally moving forward with his prolonged divorce from his wife, Eryn Marciano. Fortunately, it looks like Rob and Eryn have been more amicable throughout the process, and have prioritized the feelings of their children.

Erny Marciano first filed divorce papers on Jun 18, 2021, meaning this divorce is now over a year and a half in the making. She and Rob had been married for 11 years before that, and it's not clear exactly why they decided to split. New documents in their divorce were finally filed in November of 2022, including new evidence that would be needed for the couple to finalize their arrangement. Since viewers were so fixated on the scandalous details of Holmes and Robach's affair, a straightforward separation like this one may feel like a breath of fresh air.

Rob and Eryn married in November 2010. They have two children – 11-year-old Madelynn and 4-year-old Mason. All four of them took a trip to Walt Disney World together back in April according to Rob's Instagram feed. While the kids were on spring break from school, the two parents apparently coordinated and spent the whole trip together for their sake.

Instagram also indicates that Rob and Eryn spent Halloween together as well. Both posted photos of their kids in the same costumes, and they seemed to be taken at the same home. This means that the duo was spending family time together less than a month before filing new documents in their divorce, so the process is most likely going smoothly.

As sad as divorce is, a story like this with a communicative couple mutually deciding to part ways is a step up from some of the other celebrity news out there these days. The story of Holmes and Robach's affair has become the unlikely hit of social media in the last week or so. The two co-anchors were both married outside of work, but once news of their tryst went public, fans obsessed over their "on-screen chemistry" and the boldness of their arrangement.

ABC News has taken Holmes and Robach off the air for now, deeming their story to be a "distraction" both for viewers and for colleagues. Marciano, meanwhile, remains the weekend meteorologist for Good Morning America, with no signs of leaving.