'DWTS' Newly Married Couple Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson Post Gorgeous Honeymoon Photo

By the looks of things, it's safe to say that Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Jameson are enjoying their honeymoon.

The Dancing With the Stars power couple have been sharing jaw-dropping photos from their tropical honeymoon, including one Chmerkovskiy posted on Monday of the newlyweds standing in their swimsuits in front of a waterfall in St. Lucia.

In the photo, both pro dancers show off their sculpted physiques and smile from ear to ear. Chmerkovskiy took the opportunity to talk about gratefulness.

(Photo: Instagram / @valentin)

"Got to explore the beautiful island of St. Lucia with my love yesterday. As we ventured between one pristine location to the next I asked Jenna how she was doing," he wrote. "She replied, 'I'm just grateful.' Perfect response to a perfect day."

"As common as it is to see it written in captions nowadays gratitude is truly an essential ingredient to happiness and I don't think there is ever enough of it," he continued. "I struggle with anxiety and doubt almost on a daily basis. It comes in waves. Even in paradise, even alongside my true love, even with my health, and the luxury of streaming the last episode of G.o.T. there is still a periodical feeling of ... Whatever that feeling is I find action and a reminder of gratitude to be the remedy. Every time."

"It's one of the few things in life you can't have enough of. The mind is a tricky maze and sometimes your ego is trapped right in the middle of it. But you, the real you, not your ego but you are in control. Take steps to find your peace by taking action on your dreams and all of your ambitions, and throughout consistently remind yourself of one of the best most fruitful mindsets you can have... a sense of gratitude. The state of gratitude will lead you to a place of peace and love. Atleast it does for me... every time. And boy are there things to be grateful for in this beautiful world of ours. Peace and love.. may your day be full of both."

The happy couple has been sharing photos all week from their honeymoon following their wedding last week.

In one shot of Johnson, 25, posing in a bikini, Chmerkovsky, 33, gushed over his new wife. Prefacing his post with the words, "my gorgeous wife," Chmerkovskiy admitted Johnson would never share a photo like this to social media, but he would.

(Photo: Instagram / @valentin)

"This beautiful soul exemplifies purity and class all while not pretending to be perfect. She's perfectly flawed and that's exactly what makes her who she is," the two-time Mirrorball champion wrote. "Sorry I'm speaking on her behalf but after I took this picture she said 'I would never post this' which made me even more inclined to do so."

"I adore that about her even though I'm frustrated for her at times cause that compass leads to a much more difficult road to travel at times, especially in today's world," he added. "In my eyes she is perfect, and I am extraordinarily proud to be her companion her partner her husband. Oh, and I make a pretty dope photographer."


The pair became engaged in June 2018 after two years of dating off-and-on, and they wed back on April 13.

Photo credit: Instagram / @valentin