David Bowie's Ashes Scattered at Burning Man

Bowie and Iman
(Photo: Twitter / @usweekly)

David Bowie's ashes were spread for the final time at a place he loved. Bowie's wife Iman let the singer's godchild scatter a portion of his ashes at Burning Man over Labor Day weekend, according to E! News. Burning Man is an annual gathering in the Nevada desert and is often a spiritual event.

The late icon and his godchild had a special connection to the event. "David's godchild and David had long talks about Burning Man and what it stands for, and David loved the message behind it," a source told E! News.

After Bowie's passing in January, he was honored with a small ceremony at the Temple where attendees of Burning Man go to memorialize their loved ones.


"We played [David's] music the entire drive from our camp to the Temple and back," an eyewitness at the 70-person ceremony said. "Most of us had the Bowie [lightning bolt] face paint on in his honor."