'Catastrophe' Star Rob Delaney Expecting Child With Wife After Losing 2-Year-Old Son to Cancer

Comedian Rob Delaney has revealed that he and his wife Leah are expecting their fourth child together, just months after losing their 2-year-old son Henry to brain cancer.

The Catastrophe actor slipped out the news in a casual manner, off-handedly mentioning his wife's pregnancy while sharing a PSA he starred in.

"Just had [two] typically wonderful NHS England London midwives visit my pregnant wife [and] I for a home birth assessment," Delaney wrote. "Love to all marching for the NHS today. See my sad love letter to the NHS below."

The PSA itself has no other mention of the pregnancy, as it features Delaney recounting his experience with the UK NHS dealing with the financial burden his family faced as Henry received treatment. He uses his story to lobby for healthcare reform in the U.S.

Delaney's supporters quickly filed into the replies of the tweet to not only congratulate the comedian on the news, all while supporting his political message.

"Congratulations and love - our daughter was born 10 months after our son's unexpected death and we could not have done it without the NHS," one fan wrote.

Another admirer added, You're amazing for speaking out - and congratulations on the pregnancy news."

Delaney made Henry's January passing public in February in an emotional Facebook message to his fans. He began by recounting Henry's extensive cancer treatments leading up to his tragic passing.

"I have very sad news," the 41-year-old actor wrote. "My two and a half year year old son Henry has passed away. Henry had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016, shortly after his first birthday, following persistent vomiting and weight loss. He had surgery to remove the tumor and further treatment through the early part of 2017. Then the cancer returned last autumn and he died in January."

Delaney, who has two older sons, said he and his wife were "devastated" by Henry's death, but also wanted to focus the positive times they had with him while he was alive.


"Henry was a joy. He was smart, funny, and mischievous and we had so many wonderful adventures together, particularly after he'd moved home following fifteen months living in hospitals," Delaney wrote.

Delaney has not revealed any other aspects of his wife's current pregnancy.