'Bridgerton' Star Phoebe Dynevor and Pete Davidson End Relationship for Simple Reason

Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson and Bridgerton actor Phoebe Dynevor broke up six months [...]

Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson and Bridgerton actor Phoebe Dynevor broke up six months after they started dating. The two were even seen at Wimbledon together early last month. However, a source close to the couple said their relationship just fizzled out because of the physical distance between the two and their busy work schedules.

"Pete and Phoebe's romance was a real whirlwind and from the start, they were both totally committed. But as time has passed, it's become increasingly obvious it is going to be difficult to make this work," a source told The Sun over the weekend. Dynevor, 26, got busy filming Bridgerton Season 2 in the U.K., while Davidson, 27, is preparing for the next season of SNL. He also started work on Meet Cute, a new movie co-starring The Flight Attendant's Kaley Cuoco.

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Phoebe Dynavor and Pete Davidson at Wimbledon on July 3. (Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images)

According to the source, the couple has not seen each other since he left the U.K. in July, following Wimbledon. "Obviously all the travel restrictions because of the pandemic have not helped," the source told The Sun. "People can't just jump on planes and jet around the world when they want to. It has made everything more difficult. It was pretty telling when Phoebe headed to Croatia with her mates this week rather than going to see Pete in America."

Their relationship was "wild while it lasted," the source claimed, adding that they really cared for each other. The distance just put a "strain" on them that they couldn't overcome. Their friends even thought they were a great couple. The two plan to remain friends, but "unless something drastic changes their relationship won't recover."

Dynevor and Davidson reportedly started dating in February, but they kept their relationship away from prying eyes until March when a fan told Stoke-on-Trent Live she saw them together outside her home in Caverswall. The outlet also published a photo of the fan with Davidson. "They walked past our house and we saw them holding hands and hugging each other," the fan said.

In the weeks following that report, Davidson and Dynevor were seen together in England. The closest either of them came to talking about the relationship was in April when Davidson said during a Zoom call with Marquette University that he is with his "celebrity crush." He did not mention Dynevor by name though.

In early April, a source told Us Weekly the two were trying to make a long-distance relationship work, despite the ocean between them. "Pete and Phoebe are still going strong despite not being able to physically spend time together," the source said at the time. "They keep in touch over text and FaceTime. Right now, they're just focused on work... They're not looking to rush things."

Dynevor is best known for starring in Netflix's Bridgerton as Daphne Bridgerton. Although her love interest played by Rege Jean-Page will not be in Season 2, Dynevour will be back in the next season. She also stars in the upcoming biopic The Colour Room, in which she plays ceramic artist Clarice Cliff. As for Davidson, he has been on SNL since 2014 and can now be seen in theaters in The Suicide Squad.