Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga: Resurfaced Lipstick Stain Photo Fuels Romance Speculation

Rumors about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are heating up, as a resurfaced photo shows red lipstick on Cooper's mouth.

Fans have been speculating about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga since their on-screen chemistry took over the box office in A Star Is Born. The rumors heated up even more at the Oscars, where the two performed an intimate cheek-to-cheek rendition of "Shallow" on stage. Now, a Lady Gaga fan account has thrown even more fuel on the fire.

The picture in question comes from their press tour promoting A Star Is Born. Back in September, they were photographed together at the movies Los Angeles premiere. They stood arm-in-arm for a photo, and looking closely, there was something smudged on Cooper's chin.

(Photo: Instagram @ladyfckinggaga)

The actor had a faint red ring trailing from his lower lip. Excited fans suggested that it was the bright red lipstick Lady Gaga was wearing in the same photograph.

"Oops," wrote the fan account, where they zoomed in on Cooper's chin.

Many fans went wild for the photo. Some sprang into amateur forensics study, wondering if the mark could have been left by a graze during a more chaste cheek kiss, or if it even matched the shade of Lady Gaga's lipstick. Others guessed it was actually left by Cooper's girlfriend, Irina Shayk, though some claimed that she was not at the premiere.

Others were sick of the rumors and theories, especially after Lady Gaga herself addressed them. They admonished the poster, feeling that this kind of speculation was hurtful towards Cooper and Shayk.

"Stop doing this. He has a girlfriend or wife or whatever," one fan wrote. "Stop supporting this kind of thing, it's not funny anymore."

Gaga appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, where the host had to ask about the whole story.

"You had such a connection with Bradley that instantly — and I guess this is compliment — people started saying, 'They must be dating. They must be in love,'" Kimmel said.


"First of all, social media, quite frankly, is the toilet of the internet," Lady Gaga replied, rolling her eyes. "And what it has done to pop culture is abysmal. Yes, people saw love and guess what? That's what we wanted you to see. This is a love song. The movie A Star Is Born is a love story."

"I'm an artist and I guess we did a good job... fooled ya!" she concluded.