Bethenny Frankel Spotted Holding Hands With Mystery Man

Bethenny Frankel was out with a mystery man on Sunday on what many are assuming was a date.

Frankel was spotted with a stranger in Boston over the weekend, just a few months after her boyfriend, Dennis Shields, passed away from an apparent overdose. In photos published by TMZ, Frankel and the new man appeared to be holding hands and, at one point, even kissing.

See the photos here.

It is still unclear why exactly the Real Housewives of New York star was up in Boston, Massachusetts over the weekend. She has been on the move a lot lately as she makes promotional appearances at some of her Skinnygirl brand stores. According to her Facebook events page, she was in Saint Petersburg, Florida for a launch event on Thursday, and she intends to be in Eastchester, North Carolina for another on Wednesday. The time in between was ambiguous, though Frankel did ask her fans to tune into ABC with her for the season 10 premiere of Shark Tank.

Whatever her current relationship status is, Frankel is still processing her grief for Shields. The two had a friendship going back nearly three decades, though their romance just began in 2016. They were reportedly on the verge of becoming more serious when Shields was found dead in his apartment in Trump Tower on Aug. 10.

According to reports at the time, Shields had been prescribed Oxycodone for an unknown ailment, and he had taken some on Thursday night before bed. On Friday morning, he awoke feeling ill from the drug, and asked his assistant to run to the pharmacy to get Narcan, an emergency drug that can counter the effects of an opioid overdose. Unfortunately, it came too late for Shields.

The 51-year-old was the CEO of a litigation-funding firm called LawCash. He was also a father of four, and sources said that he and Frankel had gone as far as to meet each others' children.

“Bethenny and her daughter Bryn love Dennis and his family,” a sources told PEOPLE in February. “They have been a support system during her negative divorce and a positive influence in Bryn’s life.”


That source also explained why their foundational friendship made Frankel and Shields such a natural fit as a couple.

“They had a 27-year friendship before they dated, so they picked that up where they left off once they realized they didn’t work as a couple,” the insider explained. “Her daughter adores him and his family, and she comes first above all.”