Ariana Grande Reveals Title of First Album Since Mac Miller's Death, Pete Davidson Split

Ariana Grande is reportedly almost finished with a new album, Thank U, Next, just two months after the release of Sweetener, and shortly after her break-up with Pete Davidson.

Grande has been in rough shape ever since the death of her long-time boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller back in September. It reportedly contributed to her break-up with Davidson, as well as a few canceled shows and appearances. On Saturday, she revealed on Twitter that she has been pouring that displaced energy into creating new songs, which will be released on a new album titled Thank U, Next.

Grande revealed the title in conversation with fans, where she has been using the term "Thank U, Next" a lot recently. Finally, on Saturday, someone asked her when she would announce the title.

"U already know it," she replied.

In an earlier tweet, she had referred to the project as "ty,n," and described it as "the exact opposite of 'Knew Better.'" "Knew Better" is a song from her 2016 album Dangerous Woman. This caught the attention of one fan, who guessed that the album will be about "empowerment."

"Exactly," Grande answered. "A new chapter. Gratitude, growth, embracing our path bumps [and] all... thank u, next."

"No drags... No shade," she added in another tweet. "[Just] love, gratitude, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness... And growth."

In her conversational style, Grande also revealed that there are no collaborations on the upcoming album, and teased that a single is coming soon. She also said that she had co-written the album with her friend, Victoria Monet. As for her current work, one fan noted that they are still waiting for a music video for "Breathin." Grande promised that that was still on the way as well.

"I'm gonna [just] keep creating and putting stuff out as I please," she wrote. "It feels good to my soul and I love keeping the kids fed."

The string of revelations seemed to come as a surprise to even Grande, who at one point tagged Monet and a few other friends in a question.

"Why [are] we awake sitting in my kitchen revealing so much information [right now]?" she wondered.


After some more time off, Grande is scheduled to begin a prolonged tour in March, taking her all across the U.S. and parts of Canada by the end of June. By the sound of it, she could be promoting a whole new album by then. At this rate, Thank U, Next could be old news by the time Grande gets on the road.

Photo credit: Getty Images