Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Go for a Kiss and Coffee at Starbucks

Ever since confirming their relationship, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson haven't been shy about publicly declaring their love for each other, and the pair was at it again in New York City on Thursday while shopping with friends.

In a photo seen here, Grande goes in for a kiss from her fiancé, holding a Starbucks cup as she leans into Davidson, who has a black hoodie up over his head as he gazes at his better half.

Another shot sees the couple exiting a building, with Davidson having added sunglasses and a face mask to his look. Grande, on the other hand, wore a bra under her black jacket, completing her outfit with ripped jeans and chunky black sneakers that coordinated with her fiancé's.

Grande later shared a snap from the pair's outing on her Instagram story, writing, "not bad for two babes with crippling anxiety."

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(Photo: Instagram / @arianagrande)

She also revealed that she owns a sweatshirt with Davidson's face on it, not surprising considering the accelerated speed of their relationship. In a video, the singer accessorized with an animal face filter as she displayed the shirt, even tagging Davidson's smiling face.

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(Photo: Instagram / @arianagrande)

Davidson and Grande confirmed their relationship on Instagram in May, and have since gushed over each other in various Instagram comments and social media posts.

This week, Grande celebrated her 25th birthday, spending time with friends at Frames Bowling Lounge where they sang karaoke, Grande going for Beyoncé's “Love On Top,” Davidson rapping on Eminem’s “Superman” and the couple duetted on Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life.”

They also showed off their dancing skills on Instagram on Thursday, with Grande posting a video of Davidson attempting to slide Grande under his legs before lifting her back up for a hug.

"Wow, that could've been very bad," the comedian said with a laugh.


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Rumors of the couple's engagement began circulating in June, and Davidson confirmed the rumors during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“I feel like I won a contest, so sick,” he told the host. “It’s f—ing lit, Jimmy. It’s so lit.”

The day before her birthday, Grande used her Instagram story to share a photo of her phone screen at 11:11, writing that she didn't need to make a wish.


“I have no wish,” she wrote, revealing a photo of a smiling Davidson as her phone background. “I have everything I ever wanted. Hi."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @arianagrande