Is Wendy Williams Getting Back Together With Ex Kevin Hunter?

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but as Wendy Williams dips her toes back into the dating game, she may still only have eyes for her estranged husband Kevin Hunter.

According to video blogger Tasha K, the Ask Wendy author is not only toying with the idea of getting back together with Hunter, but has already returned to their Manhattan residence with him as his alleged mistress is now living in the Dominican Republic.

“All the paparazzi got to do is stand outside, they're gonna see his ass!" Tasha claimed on a recent episode of unWine with Tasha K. “Wendy catching that D behind the scenes, on everything!"

The blogger added that Williams does not want to face her audience, and has instead covered up the fact that she is allegedly attempting to save her marriage by avoiding the rumors all together.

The daytime talk show host has been open about her recent foray into the world of dating on The Wendy Williams Show, where she recently revealed that she went on two dates in a single night. The host, however, failed to drop the names of her potential love interests.

Williams’ search for love, and rumors that she may still be hooked up on her estranged husband, comes amid her ongoing divorce from Hunter following his headline-making affair with his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson.

On April 11, just weeks after reports surfaced that Hunter had welcomed a child with Hudson, Williams filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Since then, the author and talk show host has seemingly made a great effort to create more distance between herself and her estranged husband.

On Thursday, April 18, it was announced that Hunter had been fired as Williams’ longtime manager as well as executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show. Shortly after, Williams revealed on her talk show that she had moved out of their family’s New Jersey home and into a “bachelorette pad” in New York City.


Williams has also since dissolved The Hunter Foundation, the philanthropic organization that she launched in 2014 with Hunter that is dedicated to helping those suffering from substance abuse. Making the announcement on The Wendy Williams Show, Williams stated that she “remains committed to helping others in the struggles of life,” but that “while accepting her new reality, many things in her life have changed.”

As Williams continues to make drastic moves, her estranged husband has remained relatively out of the spotlight, and has only spoken out regarding the state of their relationship in a statement released just days after the divorce filing.