Audrey Roloff Reveals One of the Biggest Strengths in Her Marriage

Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy are days away from meeting their daughter, but that doesn’t stop the soon-to-be mom from giving out some marriage advice.

The TLC personality took to Instagram to give her fans a little insight into what she calls “one of the biggest assets” in her marriage.

Since the couple’s honeymoon, the two sit down each week and “ask each other the same 6 questions and record our answers in a little journal.”

She says the questions are sometimes very simple, but can be very effective. Roloff calls the practice their “Navigator’s Council.”

“It was a set aside time every Sunday for us to intentionally connect, communicate, and grow in love,” she wrote in the caption of her recent Instagram post.

The Little People, Big World cast member explains that the time is a chance for the two to talk about things they may have put aside during the week.

“You know those things that come up throughout the week that you always intend to have a conversation with your spouse about... but then there's just never a good time? Our Navigator's Council became a reliable ‘good time to talk about it.’”

The pair has grown closer through their talks and look back on the journal to see how far they’ve come.

Roloff and Jeremy have shared their Navigator’s Council notebook with their fans, which includes their questions, devotionals and a calendar. They turned it into a self-published book that others can read.