'GLOW' Actress Kimmy Gatewood Talks Waiting on Netflix Show's Season 4 Renewal: 'It Is the Scariest' (Exclusive)


'GLOW' Actress Kimmy Gatewood Talks Waiting on Netflix Show's Season 4 Renewal: 'It Is the Scariest' (Exclusive)

Pre-Production Starts on Comic Book TV Show HAPPY!

Last November Christopher Meloni was announced as the lead actor in Syfy’s pilot for the adaptation of Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s holiday-themed Image Comic Happy!

According to the Law and Order alumni, cameras are set to begin rolling soon as pre-production for the pilot begins!

There’s no word yet on when Happy! might air on the SyFy channel, but considering the subject matter it could be broadcasted around the holiday season.

The comic book series is about a former cop named Nick Sax who hit rock bottom and became a mobster bagman. Being paid dirty deeds and contract killings earned him enough money to feed his various addictions, but after one bad night he begins to see visions of Happy, a blue cartoon horse that only he can see.

Happy tries to get Nick to do some good, but Nick just wants to get rid of his new imaginary friend.

The series is one of Morrison's recent stories with a tertiary tie to the Christmas season, as he also wrapped up the Boom! Studios miniseries Klaus with Dan Mora. That comic saw a gritty take on the origins of the legend of Santa Claus. 

He is now working on the Savage Sword of Jesus Christ in the pages of Heavy Metal with the Molen Brothers.

According to Deadline, Morrison and Brian Taylor are writing and executive producing the pilot, and Taylor will also direct. Neal Moritz, Pavun Shetty and Toby Jaffe will be executive producers alongside Morrison and Taylor. Bill Butler, Meloni’s manager, will also serve as producer of the pilot for Universal Cable Productions.

Morrison will also work with Syfy to write a screenplay for Brave New World.