Olympus Has Fallen 3 Titled Angel Has Fallen; Story Details Revealed

Gerard Butler and Antoine Fuqua teamed for an unlikely hit with their "Die Hard in the White House" action movie Olympus Has Fallen, and the sequel (without Fuqua), London Has Fallen, managed to earn even more money than the first one. 

Little surprise then that a third film is on the way - and now we have a title and some official plot details. 

Deadline reports that the threequel will be called Angel Has Fallen. The story will reportedly involve a new plot to take out Gerard Butler's Secret Service agent Mike Banning. There's the ominous note that Air Force One is codenamed "Angel," which could possibly indicate some Air Force One movie style action coming our way. 

Franchise writers Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt are once again handling the script; a director has not been announced. Production is targeting a start date in "the first half of 2017," according to Deadline

Olympus has Fallen 3 Angel Has Fallen - Gerard Butler

We'll keep you updated on the casting and plot details of Angel Has Fallen as we learn them. Excited for a new installment?