Dealership Hits Anton Yelchin's Parents Between The Eyes With Comment About His Death

To add insult to injury, the local dealership involved in Anton Yelchin's lawsuit is now saying that the actor's death was his own fault because he misused the Jeep.

In response to the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Yelchin's parents, the Valencia, California Chrysler dealership has made a long list of reasons why the company should not be held responsible for the fatal incident that killed Yelchin.


The dealership is saying that Anton's death was the result of his own "misuse, misapplication, or damage" of the vehicle according to the documents retrieved by TMZWhile it is not expressly stated in the documents, the company hinted at the idea that the Star Trek actor may have made several aftermarket changes that ruined the integrity of the SUV.

Another claim that the dealership made against Yelchin's parents was that the vehicle was not maintained properly after the accident. If these accusations are true, this is critical evidence to the investigation that would be damaging to Yelchin's parents case.

The Jeep dealership has requested from the judge that the company be let off the hook from the lawsuit.

When Yelchin's parents first filed the lawsuit it made claims that "Fiat Chrysler knew about the defect in the shifting device for at least 2 years but concealed the information, resulting in dozens of injuries and Anton Yelchin's death."

The 27-year-old was killed in a freak accident when his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled backwards pinning him against a mailbox at his San Fernando Valley home in California.

Anton Yelchin starred in films such as three Star Trek movies (including the forthcoming Star Trek Beyond), Terminator SalvationThe Smurfs, and Alpha Dog. The actor also played the title roles in Huff and Charlie Bartlett.

Do you think the Jeep dealership should be held responsible for Anton's death?